Social Development

Supporting social development for community members.


Coordinating, managing and supporting social development for all community members.

Charles Willie

Social Development Manager

Social Development Projects

In addition to providing Social Assistance, our program also sponsors:

  • Breakfast Club each day
  • Sewing Clubs
  • Cedar Bark Courses
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • DVDs
  • Snacks
  • Non-Timber Forest Products Course
  • Jewelry Making Workshops
  • Other short programs and courses.

These are proposal driven each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

SA is money & other benefits for people who are in need of financial help, they have no other reasonable way of getting money.

Family Unit is when you share the same house together, spend your time together, and share your income.

Shelter Allowance covers the actual housing costs, and there is a maximum payment amount. Your costs may include, rent, hydro, wood, phone, housing loan payments, and mortgage.

Call the Band Office Receptionist to book your appointment 250.949.8343.

  • Picture Identification
  • Care Card
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Statements
  • Identification for all members of your family
  • Employment Insurance Documents
  • Pay stubs
  • Phone, Rental & Hydro Bills

You may be turned down for assistance if you quit your job, you were fired, don’t have id’s, aren’t actively looking for work, aren’t living on the reserve, haven’t applied for UIC, you are living together, you earned monies over and above assistance.

If you are turned down you can appeal the process. You may request an Administration Review and Appeal Form from the Band Office.